French Door Shutters

French Door Shutters

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What’s a great solution for your glass French door? Plantation shutters offer a solid, elegant French Door Shutters option for your doors. While french doors typically have a limited selection for window treatments, often times blinds and other shades have to be “tied” down to the bottom of the door and can clank on the window when the door opens which is frustrating to many. Many times, the door knob will interfere with the blinds as well, being difficult to open the door with blinds in the way. Plantation shutters over a solid solution to the door as well. The proper solution to an interfering handle is a French door Cutout. This option allows a decorative opening to be built around the door handle to allow full function of the handle. A cutout also allows for the handle as well as the lock on the door, every situation is different. Shutters on your French door makes a great solution to window treatment needs for a glass door opening.

Thankfully, French Door Shutters on a glass door also provide the most privacy too! A divider rail is strongly recommended for French doors. What is a divider rail and why is it recommended? A divider rail is a decorative rail used to divide the louvers on the panel. They have three primary functions, to add strength to a shutter, provide cover to the lock system on windows (French doors do not have lock systems on the windows) and to allow two different sections of windows to operate independently. We recommend a divider rail be used on the door for privacy reasons. We also recommend the divider rail to be put at eye level for our customers. Eye level for the divider rail allows for our customers to go about their day with the bottom half the shutters closed in this case about 2/3rds of the louvers. By leaving the top half open and tilted allows light to still filter through while leaving privacy to home owners. Also, by putting the divider rail at eye level allows our customers to peak over the top to divider rail to see who maybe outside this is especially helpful with front doors.

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  1. Cobus Bester

    The best French Door Shutters on the market in America today. Amazing quality!

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