plantation shutters cost

Plantation Shutters Cost


Plantation Shutters Cost More Over Time If They Break Constantly

Plantation shutters cost generally less than blinds ranging in price from around $300 to $700 per window shutter on average — but will vary based on the size and material of the shutter.

Our hand built shutters offer some of the best prices and highest quality reinforced aluminum shutters on the market. When comparing our shutters with the competition know our plantation shutters cost more because they are better. Our shutters are custom-made from high-quality aluminum with reinforced frames for added durability. The louvers are coated with PVC and the louvers are also made of long-lasting aluminum core for a strong, robust usage. Our shutters are built to last and feature a life time guarantee of up to 25 years. Can your existing plantation shutter installer guarantee the same? We are also proud to offer free expert advice and installation to ensure the best possible results. Our shutters offer the best value for money and will retain their look for years to come. They also come in a large range of colors and styles which will complement any home.

Use our custom window shutter builder to build your own shutters here.

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Plantation Shutters For Sale

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